26 maart 2016

The former brewery's relief stone

These beautifully restored houses at the Bakenessergracht in Haarlem date from the 17th century. The building in the middle of the photo, with the relief stone between the two windows, used to be a brewery until the 19th century.

The gold coloured relief pictures 2 crowned acorns. It is a copy of a relief originally dating from the 17th century named 'TWEE GECROONDE AECKERS'  (or in more modern Dutch ´Twee Gekroonde Eikels´), which was the name of the brewery.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Good that they kept the relief stone in its original place.

  2. Easy way to tell people which one's your house. :-)

  3. Beautiful buildings !!
    Happy Easter !!

  4. I love and always will love Holland for its 17-century architectural style! Hope you had a memorable Easter! We were lucky to have Spring weather, but the day after that it went back to rain, which turned into snow - unbelievable! A gentle reminder that SEASONS' link is open right now till Wenesday till 7pm, US Pacific time). Hope to see you there with one of your beautiful photos!


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