10 maart 2016

Water pump station Cremer

The coat of arms of the Oldambt Water Board (in Dutch: Waterschap Oldambt) is on the facade of the Cremer water pump station in Termunterzijl, at the north coast of Groningen. The station dates from 1930/1931 and was constructed by hydraulic engineer Pieter Geert Cremer.

The station was able to pump water from the Oldambt area to the sea, no matter the water level outside of the dike. Since 2002 it is a museum, however still fully operational and in case of a calamity the water pump station can be used.
Each Sunday afternoon the museum is open for visitors, I will show some photos from the inside later.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Prachtig voorbeeld van nederlandse ingenieurs kunst.

  2. Wat is dat waterbeheer toch goed geregeld in Nederland. Je hebt er geen weet van dat overal van die pompstation zijn.


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