16 mei 2016


View on a sunny Botermarkt (lit; 'Butter Market') in the centre of Kampen, with the Nieuwe Toren ('New Tower') in the background.
During the Middle Ages this square was the location for a butter market, hence the name. Before that it was a cemetery belonging to a nearby monastery.

8 opmerkingen:

  1. A colourful and joyful scene. I must be picking up this Dutch language - I guessed that "botermarkt" meant "butter-market", if only everything in life was so simple!

  2. Wonderful view.
    I love these checkered houses. They are as gingerbread houses.

  3. Seems like a splendid place, greetings!

  4. Was het feest met al de oranje vlaggetjes. Bevrijdingsdag?


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