13 mei 2016

Glass art

"The Last Supper Now" with works of Michel van Overbeeke (1942) is an interesting exhibition currently in the Stedelijk Museum Kampen (Kampen City Museum). Van Overbeeke is a versatile artist; he draws, paints, creates glass bronze and ceramic sculptures, photographs and makes videos.

All the items shown in the exhibition depict the Last Supper (het Laatste Avondmaal in Dutch), like this glass table.
The official site of Michel van Overbeeke can be found HERE.

I'm linking to Weekend Reflections.

12 opmerkingen:

  1. Stunning art glass.
    Orange color is very lovely.

  2. A great installation (that's call they sometimes a 3D art assemblage here) - I love this orange glass - could also be a vase, or is it too small for that? They make beautiful reflections. Have a great weekend!

  3. very colourful reflections. I hope you will have a wonderful weekend.

  4. That is beautiful work... my mother would have loved that.

  5. Realizing that all table legs of 'The last supper now' have to be of equal height, I appreciate this piece even more. Van Overbeeke's work somehow resembles the work of Borek Sipek. Or vice versa :-)


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