28 mei 2016

On foot in Amsterdam

View from a sunny Amsterdam earlier today, looking out from the Prinsengracht.

8 opmerkingen:

  1. It's strange fpr me to see no cars

  2. Looks like a dangerous pace to be if you're a pedestrian.

  3. Ja zo druk is het tegenwoordig elke dag. Iets teveel naar mijn smaak.

  4. I like this shot a lot. It's an entirely different experience to walk about a city from what you find in the US, with a few exceptions, like New York and Chicago, etc. I'd love to walk or ride a bike here, but even in this little town there's no way that's possible. Everything is too spread out for one thing and for another the rednecks in their big pickup trucks will run you over! :)


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