21 oktober 2016


Very common on the Dutch islands, so also on Schiermonnikoog, is this plant with its small and bright orange berries called sea-buckthorn ('duindoorn' in Dutch). It's native to fixed dunes and sea cliffs in Europe and Asia.

The berries are a favourite 'dish' for many migrating birds, that pass the island at the same time that the berries are ripe.
I also read that especially in France sea-buckthorn is commonly sold as fruit juice or as an ingredient in non-alcoholic and alcoholic mixed beverages. Other uses include the berries to be processed as fruit wine or into liquor as well as jam. They have a very high vitamin C content, on average exceeding that of lemons and oranges. (info from Wikipedia HERE). Isn't that interesting, I don't recall though having seen jam or fruit juice made from sea-buckthorn..  have you?

I'm linking to Floral Friday Fotos.

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  1. Just by looking who would have thought these berries had so many uses.

  2. Hello Marleen,
    what wonderful berries and so fine for a lot of animals. :-)
    Have a nice weekend,


  3. Mooie en kleurrijke bessen. De doorns kunnen ze schijnbaar niet beschermen tegen de vogelvraat.

  4. Super pics Marleen, love that they are bird AND human friendly ☺ Happy weekend.

  5. Super pics Marleen, love that they are bird AND human friendly ☺ Happy weekend.

  6. I have never heard of them before. They are a beautiful color!

  7. Rather pretty! I haven't heard of them before.

  8. We apparently have a buckthorn plant here in Virginia, but I don't think it's related.

  9. I heb er eerlijk gezegd nog nooit van gehoord, fijn dat de vogels ze graag eten.

  10. It looks angry! But the birds are able to feed anyway...

  11. The sea-buckthorn Also here is very common. I can see a lot of them.
    They are very healthy, a lot of vitamin C. It is enough to eat 2-3 berries a day, so you can get your dose of vitamin c per day.
    But they do not always taste so good.
    Your photos are great.

    1. JK. We produce a lot of sea buckthorn juice.

  12. Lovely shots, Marleen. Autumn has arrived in your part of the world...
    Thanks for taking part in the Floral Friday Fotos meme.


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