7 november 2016

"Green" train

I happened to travel part of my journey last weekend with a so-called 'green train'. It's a project with which the Dutch Railways (NS) will make all their electric trains ride on wind energy from 2018. Wind mills are built more and more in the Netherlands. As the project is continuing, about half of the trains are already -as we call it- 'climate neutral' by now.

Instead of the usual yellow/blue trains that NS owns, they catch attention for their green train project by using this colourful design.

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Everything looks so clean and neat!

  2. Wind power is wonderful. And I love these green trains. I'm jealous because we have few trains here and must drive everywhere.

  3. You are there a pioneer!!
    Tourists must be difficult to travel there when there are so many different trains to go (or I would be lost, because I don't use train at least here at home).


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