8 november 2016

Mosaic bench

This mosaic bench at the Hoofdstraat in Stadskanaal pictures the growth of the city after WW2. Philips opened a factory in Stadskanaal in 1955, which meant a lot of jobs and economical growth obviously. New residential areas came, as well as a theater and a library. In 2004 Philips decided to stop making products here and closed its factory.
On the bench are photos of a number of houses and buildings of that time.

Children of the local Gabriël Dam primary school put the tiny glass mosaic pieces on this bench.

I´m linking to Tom´s Tuesday´s Treasures.

PS. Happy birthday to my mom!

15 opmerkingen:

  1. Ik denk dat het harder zit dan dat het eruit ziet.

  2. Een heel speciaal kunstwerk, niet echt om op te zitten maar om naar te kijken.

  3. Nice history lesson, how about linking to Tuesday's Treasures!

  4. very cute
    a little hard on the buttocks

  5. Love that it was a community event involving the children Marleen.. they did a brilliant job didn't they ☺

  6. What a famous unique bench!
    greetings from Germany

  7. Dat s leuk bedacht.Zal wel koud zijn om op te zitten.

  8. That's a a long time I've been to Satdskanaal! A great tribute to history, and the kids did a job of precision, looking at the mosaic pattern! Hope you'ra also going to link up one of these images to ALL SEASONS. Always fun and very much appreciated! Have a great week.

  9. What a cool bench! I have never seen anything like it.


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