17 november 2016

The Exloo sheep pen

The sheep pen ('schaapskooi' in Dutch) of Exloo is located in this barn in the centre of the small country village.

The Drenthe Heath Sheep ('Drents Heideschaap') is a domesticated breed of sheep originating in the Netherlands. It is raised primarily for vegetation management. During the day the flock of 200 sheep and its sheepherder can often be found on the Molenveld heathlands, for a photo I took several years ago click HERE.
Their website (only in Dutch) can be found HERE.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Ik vind dat zo leuk zo'n schaapskudde en ben blij dat wij er 's zomers ook een paar hebben hier. Het geeft zo'n landelijk gevoel en ze zijn uitstekende grasmaaiers.

  2. I could use a sheep bred specifically to eat the vines growing out of control in my backyard. :-)

  3. It looks cosy and possibly a little smelly ;)

  4. Nice to see this place, it looks lovely.


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