9 maart 2017

Bare Hug

A really wonderful exhibition currently in the Fundatie Museum in Zwolle is "Leap of Faith" with works by Joseph Klibansky (1984). This South African contemporary artist was born in South Africa and currently lives and works in Amsterdam. The exhibition shows 3 dimensional as well as 2 dimensional pieces, and I must say that especially his polished bronze sculptures were most charming!

This sculpture is named `Bare Hug` (spelled correctly ;). Leap of Faith in the Fundatie is his first solo exhibition in a Dutch museum. Check out his website HERE.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Leuk werk, ken de kunstenaar niet. Zie ik daar een blogster? :)

  2. Excellent for reflections too ☺ Such a good link Marleen, he is so multi talented.. as well as his sculptures his paintings are fabulous!

  3. It's so pretty I can "bearly" stand it!

  4. die sculpturen zien er niet mis uit Marleen

    prettige avond

  5. How lovely bear - and so wonderful reflections.


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