27 maart 2017

Football club mural

En route by train from Zwolle to Enschede I spotted a mural during a short stop at train station´Almelo De Riet´. Apparently it´s on a building that belongs to the local football club DRC 2012.

Zoomed in you can see it a little bit better.

I´m linking to Monday Mural

9 opmerkingen:

  1. ...a nice way to brighten up a long wall.

  2. Well spotted and captured on the move Marleen ☺

  3. Oh, you mean soccer! :) Actually, it makes more sense to call soccer "football" that our football game which is not does not involve the foot at all except for running around! Interesting mural and a good capture from a moving train.

    1. hi Lowell, yes I mean soccer :). In Dutch we call it football.

  4. Very youth friendly, bright and encouraging them to be active!


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