15 maart 2017

Jewellery shop sign

Above the entrance of Duijvestein Juweliers (Duijvestein Jewellery) in the Diezerstraat in Zwolle hangs a pretty clock, or large pocket-watch. Isn't it nice with it's golden details..

The main purpose of a sign is to attract attention, and I think it does just that. For me anyway ;)

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16 opmerkingen:

  1. ...understandable in any language.

  2. duidelijk en knap gemaakt...

    een mooie foto Marleen


  3. It is Marleen, tres jolie! Love the composition in second shot with the red stripey awnings ☺

  4. Gorgeous! I'd put this pocket watch in my pocket if I had a big enough pocket!

  5. I always appreciate when there is a big clock around. Unfortunately, they are fast disappearing.

  6. I love those kinds of signs. They always attract my attention too!

  7. Almost makes me want to wind it up. :-)


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