29 januari 2015

Art from trash

This fish is part of the exhibition in Ecomare (see also yesterday's post) and was carefully constructed by using all kinds of trash found in the sea and on the beach; tin cans, lids, rope, plastic etc etc.
I think it's a nice idea to create things like this as it really sets you thinking...

Ecomare's objective is enlarging the public interest for the preservation and recovery of nature and cultural values (landscapes, ecosystem, species) in the wadden region and the North Sea, with an emphasis on Texel.

8 opmerkingen:

  1. je moet er maar opkomen zo lijkt het makkelijk maar begint er maar eens aan.

  2. That's what I call reclycling.


  3. Mooi beeld met naar het blijkt een diepere achtergrond. Goed gedaan door de kunstenaar (s).

  4. It certainly is a well thought out exhibit.

  5. Hard to believe all those items were found on the beach or in the water. Makes you wonder how they got there...

  6. I wouldn't take this art to my home .. :)


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