2 januari 2015

Mosaic chair

When you enter the exhibition 'DE KONING VAN GRONINGEN' ('THE KING OF GRONINGEN') in the Groninger Museum, you pass this majestic mosaic chair. It is placed on a high cube of which the front is a mirror that (when I was there) reflected a small stool standing in the hallway.
Note how the chair fits in perfectly with the colourful tiled wall!

The exhibition shows the art collection of Jan Albert Sichterman (1692-1764), a merchant from Groningen and said to be one of the most striking figures of the 18th century. The collection includes Asian ceramics, porcelain, portraits, furniture, silver, and so much more. It can be seen until March 1.

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11 opmerkingen:

  1. Yes, the wall fits perfectly. You found the right point of view!

  2. Good that it's on top of the cube, otherwise I might be tempted to sit in it. :-)

  3. See, I am the type of person who wants to find some steps and get up there and sit on it


  4. It has a bit of an illusionary effect going on, I think.

  5. Ahhhh, it took me awhile to understand the logistics. At first I thought the museum hung the mosaic chair from the ceiling. And that other stool magically reflected somehow. Neat illusion!

  6. What a curious world we live in! I'd like to see more of this exhibition.

  7. Ja Mendini de architect van het Groninger museum had veel op met Memphis de ontwerp groep van de stoel bovenop. De tegels zijn van Ibizza een italiaanse tegelfabrikant beroemd om zijn glazen mozaïek tegeltjes, ook gebruikt voor de tegeltjes van de grote spiltrap bij de entree. Ik weet dit nog zo goed omdat in de tijd dat het groninger museum werd geopend alle architectenburo's in nederland werden overspoeld met reclame hiervoor en jammer genoeg zat ik vooraan in de ontvangende kant.

    1. Het is echt kenmerkend geworden voor het Groninger museum. Bedankt voor je reactie, s.c.

  8. Thanks for the sharing : this armchair is really impressive, and the reflection is so intriguing...

    Hppy New year to you, too.


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