26 januari 2015


This photo was taken during our walk in the nature area ´Schapenpark´ near the small villages of Exloo and Odoorn, yesterday afternoon. Temperatures were about +4°C  (about 39°F), and the snow was getting very soft and messy.
And by now, it's Monday around 7pm at the moment here, all snow has gone!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Looks very much like that here where I live today, only we're expecting more snow this evening and overnight.

  2. een pracht foto,wat geeft die sneeuw toch een grote meerwaarde hieraan.

  3. Oh, jullie hadden wel wat meer sneeuw dan hier. Maakt wel meteen een mooie foto met sneeuw erbij.

  4. Absolutely beautiful under a blanket of snow!

  5. Lovely landscape with snow, and no cold. But I'm sorry that all the snow has already gone :(


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