27 december 2015


Encouraged by the Fries Museum in Leeuwarden, nearly 2,500 primary school students started knitting last September. Until November 2015 each of them knitted a piece - or more, if they got hold of it. These so-called 'lappions' (a combination of the word 'lampion' and the Dutch word 'lap' or in English here: 'knitted work') show the marvellous result of their efforts.

Several lappions can be viewed in the Fries Museum now as a part of the current exhibition 'Knitting!'. Go see it if you can, it's fun!

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Pretty lappions. I am learning something new today from you. Thank you, Marleen.

  2. Wat een origineel idee, het ziet er prachtig uit.

  3. So joyous and colourful! I really like it and think it's super that it was created by a group of people. Wonderful cooperation.

  4. I like your images of these things, but I really don't get the beauty or the 'value' of all this...


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