29 december 2015

The start of multitasking?

At the exhibition 'Knitting!' in the Fries Museum there are several showcases telling about the history of knitting in the Netherlands. This particular display shows a number of knitted cakes and pies as well as a few magazines from 1934; the left one named 'praten & breien' or 'chatting & knitting'. Well, I am pretty sure 'multitasking' wasn't a word yet in the 1930s but is this how it began for the women in the Netherlands? ;)

4 opmerkingen:

  1. One has to look twice at them to make sure they're not food!

  2. I could tell there weren't any calories in these, William. :-)

  3. Leuk gedaan, taartjes breien, het wordt steeds creatiever.

  4. These knitted items look so real! Happy New Year!


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