18 april 2016

Window of my Eyes

"Window of my Eyes" was the biggest hit of Cuby and the Blizzards (or: Cuby + Blizzards) and it is also the name of the current exhibition at the Drents Museum in Assen. C+B were a Dutch blues group, founded in 1964 by vocalist Harry Muskee and guitarist Eelco Gelling. Their music included blues and rock and roll, with a sound that was completely different from any other Dutch band in the same period.

Harry "Cuby" Muskee would have celebrated his 75th birthday in 2016 (he died of cancer in 2011), which was enough reason for the Drents Museum to honour the Dutch blues legend. The exhibition shows his youth, his music, performances, travels, album covers, and much more.
I am or was not a fan of C+B, but I really enjoyed seeing the exhibition. Both photos give a small impression.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. I'm not familiar either. Interesting exhibition though.

  2. They didn't mean anything to this English blues fan - we had rather a lot of blues bands over here at the time - so I had to check them out on YouTube. Very good, very good indeed, especially the guitar playing.

  3. Ach ja jeugdsentiment voor mij, ze waren wel uniek in hun tijd, je had toen haast geen blues hier.


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