12 april 2016

Friesche Veen

Our hike last Sunday started in the village of Eelde (just south of Groningen city) and part of it led us through the Friesche Veen wetland area. At the end of this bridge was a small island and a bird hide.

Standing on the bridge looking to our left there is "Huize Weltevreden" in the distance. A bit difficult to translate but it would be something like "Home Well-Satisfied". No need to say more..  :)

7 opmerkingen:

  1. It's not looking so springy yet, but it's still beautiful scenery!

  2. I can feel the spring coming (here is just same weather in Finland).
    Your hike looks wonderful.

  3. A little remote maybe. But, yeah, I could make that my home. :-)

  4. Mooie omgeving en leuke naam voor een huis :)


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