11 april 2016

Swan nest

We spotted this swan on her nest surrounded by reed in the wetland area Friesche Veen, just north of the villages Eelde and Paterswolde, during our hike yesterday. Walking past we kept as quiet as we could so not to disturb her.

I'm linking to Seasons on St Germain's Blog.

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Have actually never seen a swan's nest! And hubby comes from Friesland:) Many thanks for this one of a kind view of the swan sitting on its nest and including it in SEASONS! Have a happy week and - tot volgende week:)

  2. What a find. She's really well-hidden there!

  3. Like that whole composition. Of course, the swan has been doing some composing of its own that's pretty impressive. :-)

  4. Moet zeggen dat zwanen niet bepaald een schutkleur hebben. Ze moeten het inderdaad meer hebben van plaatbeschutting.

  5. Ik heb dit weekend dezelfde foto gemaakt maar dan in Almere!

    1. Dat is grappig. Ik zie 'm wel op je blog! :)


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