25 april 2016


This photo was taken at the train station in Workum last Saturday afternoon. Bright sun at that time. Sunday and today however it seems Winter has come back; we have had hail and sleet snow, and when I drove home at 5 pm this afternoon the outside temperature had dropped to 1°C (33,8°F)! Radio-traffic information warned for slippery roads as accidents happened already.

I'm linking to Seasons on St Germain's blog.

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh no! Back to winter weather it must feel like! LOVE the angle you took for this photo! Many thanks for sharing this with SEASONS - really appreciated:) Hope there are still things to enjoy this week, wearing your winter coat, and hopefully it will be at least a little warmer next week!

  2. Good grief! And here it's 27C under partly sunny skies.

  3. Terrific composition for this shot! Here it has felt cooler today.

  4. That is a unique and interesting perspective!

  5. Mooie lijnen en dat weer.....ik denk dat het nooit meer goed komt :(

  6. Neat angle/lines in your shot. Not so neat about the nasty weather. Hope it warms up soon.


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