3 januari 2017

At the German border

Taking this photo I am standing at one of the smaller border crossings just outside the village of Coevorden; behind the watch tower is Germany. The border follows the water of the Schoonebeekerdiep to the left. I don't think the watch-tower has had any other function than a bird-watch, or maybe a deer-watch.
Maybe you remember seeing the sculpture on the left of the photo, it's the 'Waterzwaard' or 'Water Sword' I told you about before, see my post HERE.

11 opmerkingen:

  1. Ook een prachtig gouden zonlicht. Mooi plaatje.

  2. This is a very nice photo. Hearing the words, "German border," and "watch tower" reminded me of WWII...rather chilling even though things have changed considerably since those dismal days. Happy New Year, Marleen, and thanks for landing on my blog and for your comments.

  3. Even naar Duitsland lopen, dat is leuk!

  4. I've been standing many years ago on the border of three countries: the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. It was a nice feeling.
    It's nice, you can take only one step and you are in a different country.

  5. Interesting border crossing. We have one in NI that like this with just a sign saying you have entered Northern Ireland, UK. I thought that was a tree house too. Nice scene and photo, Marleen!

  6. Would be perfect for bird watching Marleen. I went back to have another look at 'Water Sword'.. fabulous sculpture!


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