7 januari 2017

Rodin exhibition

Last Thursday I went to Groningen to visit the exhibition 'Rodin - Genius at Work' at the Groninger Museum. Auguste Rodin (1840-1917) is the greatest and most influential sculptor of the modern era. His works do not simply represent idealised forms of the human body, but also bear traces of the creative process. (from the museum site)

With this female torso sitting in an earthenware pot beautifully placed in a glass bell, and with the sculptures on the photo above all put in glass displays, there were nice shadows and reflections so I am contributing this post to James´ Weekend Reflections.

Another post about Rodin tomorrow. Happy Saturday!

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Great art.
    Happy Saturday to you too.

  2. ...lovely shots, I find it difficult to photograph through glass.

  3. Fabulous sculptures behind glass create incroyable reflections, nice work Marleen ūüėä

  4. Great information on a subject I didn't know anything about. Also great photos and reflections. Have a wonderful weekend. Greetings Jo (South Africa)

  5. Rodin is one of my favorite sculptors and the Rodin Museum in Paris was exciting to visit (a few years ago).

    Come see me at: http://www.landlfotos.weebly.com/blog

  6. His work definitely does appeal to me! Terrific shots.

  7. Great shooting through the glass Marleen. I enjoy seeing his sculptures for the first time.

    About your comment about sea glass: It is broken glass washed up on the beach and it is very smooth due to being in the water. We find brown, blue, green, clear and other colours.


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