18 januari 2017

Winter wonderland

This is a photo from yesterday with blue skies. Then yesterday evening the fog returned..

 .. making the white frost on the branches grow even thicker. In Dutch we call this 'rijp'. I took these 2 photos earlier today in our garden. It is still -5°C/23°F but no wind so really OK.

Isn´t this amazing?

13 opmerkingen:

  1. Such a beautiful scene.
    You made my eyes happy

  2. The title says it all, stunning images, Marleen !

  3. Wow, prachtige foto's! Hier -2C , maar niet zo wit...

  4. This is the most amazing sight to me Marleen! So pretty.. here it's the opposite, when it gets so hot we love when the strong sea breeze comes in ☺

  5. That first shot is gorgeous and another one worthy of framing and hanging. I love the other two, also. I don't think I've ever seen so much ice congregate on a single branch!

  6. These pictures are really winter wonderland! I like them all <3!

  7. The blue sky really makes the photo stand out. The ice is totally amazing on the branches. I love these images Marleen, your area is surely a winter wonderland.

  8. winter wonderland...

    dat mag je hier wel zeggen Marleen..

    en zo wit,heb ik het hier nog niet gezien


  9. Looks fantastic! Keep warm and enjoy the season.


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