10 januari 2017


Another image from the Exloo forest last Sunday morning.

I'm linking this post to All Seasons.

11 opmerkingen:

  1. At that snow there is always a bit heavy to walk, Is not it?
    But the photo is again so beautiful, and the path is very inviting to hike.

  2. Ik herinner me nog uit mijn diensttijd in Assen (Johan Willem Friso kazerne) dat we daar heel wat hebben rondgelopen alhoewel de modderigste gedachten over het Balloerveld gaan. Maar mooie natuur was het en is het nog steeds.

  3. Always good to be out walking when the rest of the country is huddled around the television.

  4. It seems a number of people are taking advantage of this fine hiking trail!

  5. This place sees so lovely, peaceful and inviting. A wonderful place to walk!

  6. Also saw your last post - it's beautiful there! But where is Exloo? Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful hike with ALL SEASONS, Marleen! Are there any hopes for the Elfstedentocht this year? Anyways, have a great week (hopefully not too cold:) )

    1. Exloo is a small village in the northeast of the Netherlands, Jeannette. And yes, colder weather is expected for next week but if it is enough for a Elfstedentocht? Time will tell :)

  7. Love to see the comparison between trees and people Marleen, the trees must be really old, so tall!


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