27 mei 2018

A Smeerling barn

A barn at the back of a farmhouse in the tiny village of Smeerling. This one also has a lot of flowering rhodondendrons..

..and cow parsley next to the bycicle/hiking path along the side.

I am linking to Tom's Barn Collective.

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Great barn. Beautiful countryside, for sure!!

  2. I'm impressed with everything - the house, barn, path, flowers! It's all gorgeous. I'd love to bike along that path! I'm guessing it's fairly common for a barn to be attached to the back of a house?

  3. Very different from the barns I'm used to!

  4. ...Marleen, you sure have some fancy barns in your area. I would have a hard time finding something like this locally, the cow parsley, that would be easy! Thanks so much for sharing, enjoy your week ahead.

  5. Idyllisch plaatje met de bloemen en groen eromheen.

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