2 mei 2018


Back from a wonderful short holiday in the Harz, which is a region in Germany. We enjoyed hiking there and exploring the local sights, but more about that later.
This photo was taken during a recent hike on the dike near Termunten. It's a Texel sheep, a breed of domestic sheep originally from the island of Texel, one of the Dutch Wadden Islands. Photo credit to Henri.

10 opmerkingen:

  1. "May I take your photo?" I asked sheepishly.

    "Bah, humbug," said the sheep. "I'll just pull the wool over your eyes!"

    And so it goes. But what a super close-up of this wonderful creature!

  2. die kijkt wel heel serieus Marleen

    fijne avond

  3. Leuk dat we allebei schaprn hebben vandaag ( Beeeeeh :)

  4. Echt een schaap met een eigen uitdrukking.

  5. The sheep has you in focus. Great photo!!

  6. She was ready for the picture!!
    : )


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