17 mei 2018


Wide views like these are typical for the province of Groningen. Our hiking route went over this cycling path.

On our way to the village of Oldenzijl we followed the "Baalkjepad".

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Those wide open spaces offer lots of possibilities for hiking or biking fun. And the vistas are beautiful! Nice photography, Marleen!

  2. Wonderful views and a lovely place to hike or bike.

  3. That looks so much like the Fens to the north of Cambridge, which were of course drained by your countrymen a few centuries ago. Even the signpost falling to the side is reminiscent of that area as the soft, peaty soil is always slowly shifting.

  4. Een weids gebied zonder bebouwing, dat zie je hier nauwelijks nog.

  5. Mooi Marleen, zo dwars door de polder.
    Groet kees.


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