19 mei 2018

Nicolas Church inside

Following up on yesterday's post I have 2 photos that were taken inside the Nicolas Church in Oldenzijl. This is the view in the direction of the choir. The pulpit on the right side dates from 1768 and is in Rococo style.

I found this small window in a side wall. It's a so-called quatrefoil (vierpas in Dutch), a decorative element consisting of a symmetrical shape which forms the overall outline of four partially overlapping circles of the same diameter. It is found in art, architecture, heraldry, and traditional Christian symbolism. The word quatrefoil means 'four leaves', referring specifically to a four-leaved clover, but applies in general to four-lobed shapes in various contexts. (from Wikipedia)

Another interesting detail from the Dutch Wikipedia site about the church is that they say that this quatrefoil probably served as a 'hagioscope' or 'squint', an architectural term for a small opening or tunnel at seated eye-level through the wall of a church, that enables a view for one or more worshippers in side-chapels, chantry chapels, or other parts of the church from which the high altar was not visible.
If you're interested check the link for hagioscope for more facts.

10 opmerkingen:

  1. Thank you for these photos. I tried to imagine what it looked like inside and this is different than my mind concocted. I see the pulpit on the right but where's the altar? Do people come forward to take communion?

  2. Passend bij de trouwerij vandaag.

  3. Wat een mooi kerkje, so simpel zonder opsmuk.

  4. I like the simplicity and clean lines of the church. Squints are quite common in English churches too, sometimes to interconnect different parts of the church, but also sometimes to view the church gate from inside the church so that the organist, or other musicians, would know when a wedding or funeral procession was about to enter the building so they could strike up the appropriate music on time.

  5. Very simple and nice!
    I like the quatrefoil window.

  6. A beautiful and simple church. The quatrefoil window is quite unique, I've never seen one before.


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