22 januari 2016


I had a great time visiting "David Bowie is" in the Groninger Museum today. It's an extraordinary exhibition with lots of music, original costumes, photos, set designs, album covers, handwritten lyrics and much more. It wasn't allowed to take photographs inside, but I took this one at the entrance.

The news that David Bowie passed away on the 10th of January came as a shock, also for the Groninger Museum obviously as their exhibition had been running since December 11. They immediately responded to the increasing run for tickets by organising extra opening hours.
The two ladies on the photo are signing a condolences book in the museum lobby.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. I imagine this is the same exhibit which was in Toronto, I believe, a year or so ago. Given the timing, it's not a surprise that it would be busy, and the idea of a book of condolences is a very fitting one.

  2. I listened to David Bowie's songs long before I even knew he wrote them, which is to say just this past week. :-)

  3. Inderdaad een gelukkige timing voor het museum maar niet zo goed voor Bowie zelf.

  4. Lucky you, dat je de kaartjes op tijd had gereserveerd!

  5. Yes, it was a shock! I'm glad the museum has been able to increase their hours!


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