10 januari 2016

Synagogue Groningen

The synagogue at the Folkingestraat in Groningen was built in 1906 and is known to have oriental features in its windows and arcades. This photo shows the space on the first floor where the women took their seat behind a balustrade, after entering the synagogue through a side entrance.

During WWII the Germans used the synagogue as a storage for confiscated radios; the metal that the radios contained was then used in the German war industry. After the war the synagogue fell into decay, however in the late 1970s it was decided to restore the building.
After walking by the synagogue so many times without stopping, I spontaneously decided to go in one afternoon last month. It was worth it!

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Beautiful!

    The synagogues here have all moved to outlying areas, so I've never been in one.

  2. Mooi kleurrijk, zouden dit de originele kleuren zijn geweest? Goed dat het gerestaureerd is.

  3. Lijkt wel erg op Cordoba. Zal de architect geweest zijn hier.

    1. De architecten waren Tjeerd Kuipers en Ytzen van der Veen.

  4. I'm very glad you went in! And especially glad to hear that it has been restored and not simply torn down to make room for more Aldis. ;-)

  5. Back on blogging, I just wish you a great year 2016 filled with joy in creation and everyday small pleasures.
    I have a lot of late posts.
    Bises- Cath.


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