23 januari 2016


Dutch designer, inventor and artist Joris Laarman (1979) currently exhibits in the Groninger Museum with a selection of his furniture that combines art, science and technology. These chairs for instance are from the Makerchair series and were created using 3D printers. The Puzzle Chair consists of about 100 parts that have been assembled into a functional and eye-catching piece of furniture. I think they look absolutely great!

'Joris Laarman Lab', as the exhibition is called, is Laarman's first major solo survey exhibition. From here the items will go on an international tour that will include Paris and New York.
Check out his official website HERE.

9 opmerkingen:

  1. I clearly need to figure out how to work a 3D printer. :-)

  2. Fantastic exhibition and very interesting pictures.

  3. I see that you're not supposed to touch and wonder if there were any that you could actually sit on - surely a vital test for a chair.

    1. You are right John! I've seen a video there though that showed the creation of these chairs as well as the test that they were strong enough to sit on.

  4. Really exciting shapes and colors. Lovely pictures <3!


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