6 februari 2017

Monastery herb garden

View into the Ter Apel Monastery courtyard with the herb garden, seen from the first floor. Not much to do there in Winter obviously other then waiting for Spring. Still a pretty view I think..

12 opmerkingen:

  1. It is a pretty view Marleen.. someone has been busy keeping the hedges trimmed so neatly 😊

  2. I was just thinking that if there were a monk named Herb, he could be in charge of the herb garden. "Hey Herb, have to planted the herbs yet?" :)

  3. een kruidentuin hoorde er vroeger wel bij

    prettige avond Marleen

  4. A wonderful and pretty view. It looks like a lovely place to grow herbs and hang out.

  5. I enjoyed seeing this view from above! Great place to visit!

  6. It is also going to be a place with good herbal smells.
    I agree with you, it looks nice in winter too.


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