22 februari 2017

My cappuccino in ... Emmen

Enjoying a cappuccino at "Chez Nous" in Emmen.

The restaurant has a modern interior with lots of wood. They are located at the Noorderplein, next to the library.

10 opmerkingen:

  1. Marleen you take the most interesting photos of the most interesting places in your town (or is it a city) thanks for sharing. Greetings Jo

  2. Love the chandeliers Marleen, hope the coffee was good 😊

  3. ...cappuccino and books seem to go together!

  4. die heeft je ongetwijfeld gesmaakt Marleen

    knappe foto's


  5. Looks like a very nice place to sit and have a cup of coffee or whatever.

  6. Nice perspective in the first photo.
    The cafe looks very nice to sit and spend time.

  7. Looks like a wonderful place to stop and have a coffee or a bite to eat.


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