15 februari 2017

Punk girls by Milan Kunc

One of the exhibitions in the Groninger Museum that I visited last year was called "Nieuwe Wilden" ("The New Wild Ones"), about the late-modernist or early-postmodern painting and sculpture that emerged in the late 1970s.
On the photo are 4 punk girls from Düsseldorf painted by hand in Cubist style by Milan Kunc (Praque 1944). I like his art a lot!

10 opmerkingen:

  1. I like them very much also Marleen, I'm a big fan of Picasso, this reminds me a bit of his style.

  2. opvallende werken die je wel moet bekijken Marleen


  3. I have heard that the museum in Groningen is very good... well known internationally. I got a feel like Picasso style looking at some of the faces..


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