1 februari 2017

The Spine 2.0

Following the symposium ´Danish Experiments in Architecture and Industrial Design´ in the Ter Apel Monastery last month, a number of Master Students of the Aarhus School of Architecture made this construction inside the Kanunnikenkerk, the church belonging to the monastery.

The Spine, as it is called, explores the material qualities of artificial straw and the potential of the historic building techniques of thatching. The Spine 1.0 was part of the Aarhus School of Architecture´s exhibition in Milan 2016; the Spine 2.0 was especially made for the exhibition here at the Monastery in Ter Apel.

The Spine can be viewed until March 8. For more information (only in Dutch) click HERE.

11 opmerkingen:

  1. I must admit this is very unique. I've not seen anything like it and I'd imagine it's even more impressive seeing it in person.

  2. Ziet er inderdaad indrukwekkend uit.

  3. dat ziet er niet mis uit Marleen

    en dat geldt ook voor de locatie..

    prettige avond

  4. Gracious! So many strong directional lines.

  5. Very impressive and unique. I really like the last photo. There are so many angles to photograph the Spine which is wonderful. Nicely done, Marleen!

  6. amazing and so beautiful design!
    thank you for sharing this unique thing with us!
    loved the photo of trees in post below so much

  7. Very nice art. And your photos and details are great,

  8. Gosh that's an amazing piece of work Marleen, tres dramatique!


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