28 februari 2017

Sassenstraat Zwolle

View into the Sassenstraat in the direction of the 15th century Grote Kerk or Sint Michaëlskerk (Great Church or Saint Micheal's Church.

-- While I was preparing a blogpost for tomorrow I accidentally deleted the one that I had posted already for today (Whaaaa!), so this is a re-post. I'm terribly sorry because a few comments were deleted as well... I feel really clumsy :((

7 opmerkingen:

  1. ...I wish that Blogger had a whoops button.

  2. "Always something happens when you are doing a lot of something."
    I agree Tom ... :D

  3. The church is a beauty! I'd wondered when I clicked on the post for today earlier where it went to.

  4. Lovely church. I like those windows.

  5. Tom's right: we need an undo button on Blogger. i saw the post (as having been removed) that you deleted. Thanks for reposting and sharing this clean street and beautiful church.

  6. I think we've all had some of those accidental clumsy moments! I like this street scene. So very European. :)


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