19 september 2017

Beach restaurant

The walls and even the ceiling of this beach restaurant near Callantsoog were filled with "sea things" and other stuff.

Fish was swimming everywhere ;)

Colourful art near the entrance stairs of the restaurant.

15 opmerkingen:

  1. Certainly lots to look at Marleen and probably very useful when trying to keep young children happy while having something to eat ☺

  2. dat ziet er wel gezellig uit Marleen

    prettige dag

  3. Love it! What a fun place. And a seaside shop should sell sea things. And you ought to be able to see these sea things from the seashore. And that's the truth! :)

  4. The decor is definitely what I would expect to find in a beach side restaurant.

  5. I like those birds "flying" around up there near the ceiling!

  6. Very cool and very inviting. I like the beach theme decor.

  7. So much fun to sit, eat & check out all the decorations!

  8. Reacties
    1. We (only) had coffee and hot chocolate, and that was good! :)

  9. How lovely restaurant with all those details.


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