13 september 2017


A pair of glasses made an eye-catching sign..

..in this narrow street in Ribe, Denmark. If I remember well it was on the facade of a real estate agent, most likely the former location of an optician. Both photos were taken last August.

I'm linking to signs, signs.

19 opmerkingen:

  1. Ik zou hem ook hebben laten hangen, het is een heel mooi uihangbord.

  2. Love quirky signs like this Marleen, I'm glad they left it there.. I see you got a nice reflection there too :)

  3. Een betere en goed zichybaardere reclame is er toch niet he, goed gevonden.
    Groet kees.

  4. It reminds me of a passage in "The Great Gatsby"...

  5. Now that is a wonderful sign. No words needed. Everyone knows exactly what is being sold here.

  6. It is wonderful. I'm glad they left it there!

  7. woorden zijn hier overbodig Marleen

    knap in beeld gebracht


  8. What a great sight! The spectacles actually have glass in them.
    This is also a fantastic looking street. I'm sure there is a lot of history there.


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