23 augustus 2018


We passed a couple of trees last Sunday with a large yellow fungus that I'd never seen before. Apparently it's a species of fungi that grows on trees and is found in Europe and North America. Other names are crab-of-the-woods, sulphur shelf and, hence the title of this post: chicken-of-the-woods. In Dutch it's named  'zwavelzwam'.

The fungus is described as "fruit bodies that grow as striking golden-yellow shelf-like structures on tree trunks and branches. Unlike many fungi growing on trees, it is edible when young''. 
Hmm, to be honest I have no desire in taking a bite.. how about you?  :)

It happens occasionally however that it causes brown cubical rot in the heartwood of trees. (info from Wikipedia)

10 opmerkingen:

  1. ...I was in the woods this week and saw very fungus growth, Perhaps I was a bit early.

  2. Interesting textures on it. I'm always wary of the simple fact that I don't know enough about fungi to know what's safe and what's not.

  3. Ha Marleen, wat 'n beauty, prachtig zoals deze vreemde maar mooie kwabbesen kunnen groeien.
    groet Kees.

  4. How interesting, it looks good in your photos. I've never seen anything like this.

  5. Dat ziet er haast uit om in te bijten...

  6. zelf zou ik er af blijven Marleen..

    op termijn is de boom er ook niet tegen bestand..

    heel fraai in beeld gebracht


  7. It's beautiful and interesting to watch, but I have no desire in taking a bite, too !

  8. It looks like some kind of alien fungus.
    Nice find Marleen! Also great photos.


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