12 augustus 2018

Waiting for mail

Following a dirt road near Koli National Park we passed this busstop (? there was no sign though) with a guy holding a mailbox on his knees.

To be honest I found him a bit scary when I came close for a photograph. Those toes! Brrrr!

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Hello Marleen, the construction is a stand where they used to leave big milk containers to be picked up by transporters. For this reason it is a bit high: so the milk truck operator could easily lift the containers. Scary people there... ;)

  2. ...I enjoy unusual mailboxes. This one is neat, toes and all. 😀

  3. Very cool, nice find. I never heard of these before until I read italiafiniandia's explanation

  4. een vreemd "heerschap" Marleen

    knappe foto's


  5. Nice house for the milk containers !
    ( I didn't know it...)

  6. In the countryside often sees creative imagination.:D
    In next visiting here you have to take contact to me (if you will be in South-Finland).


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