8 augustus 2018

Rokua National Park

About 90 km southeast of Oulu is Rokua National Park, one of the oldest national parks in Finland. We enjoyed a day hike by following the signs of the Keisarinkierros trail. Along the route were many beautiful clear-watered lakes..

..and thick carpets of moss-like lichen on both sides of the path.

Wooden planks guide through wet areas, though the grounds were mainly dry now.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. ...beautiful scenes that remind me of our Adirondack Mountains.

  2. What a beautiful landscape!

    The walkway reminds me of bogs we see here.

  3. The landscape is gorgeous. I love the first photo, it's so pretty.

  4. Lijkt me mooi om daar 'n wandeling te maken Marleen.
    Groetjes Kees.

  5. daar zou ik ook wel eens mijn wandelschoenen willen aantrekken

    knappe en interessante foto's Marleen


  6. Beautiful shots! I am glad you enjoyed your hike.


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