10 augustus 2018

Patvinsuo National Park

The 15 km hike we made in Patvinsuo National Park was called Suomumkierto. The path followed more or less the shores of Suomunjärvi (lake Suomun); we're in the Finnish North Karelia region here.

Quiet and sandy lake shores.

Bridges and some small islands brought us to the other side.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Beautiful shots. What a place to be hiking in!

  2. ...more scene that could have been taken in our Adirondacks, they are beautiful.

  3. My husband went there for canoeing... many years ago.
    Beautiful shots!

  4. What a picturesque place for a hike. Very pretty indeed!

  5. Wat een leeg land is het toch, je ziet alleen maar natuur. Mooie foto's. Herinner me nog een busrit door Finland, waarbij we uren tussen bomenrijen reden. Hier zie je meteen overal bebouwing.


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