9 mei 2015

From the archives #62

Kos Island, Greece (2013)
Even though several cruise ships were still arriving at Kos Island each day, most tourist were gone in mid October when this photo was taken. No doubt these ticket boots, selling tickets for (day) trips to Bodrum in nearby Turkey, know busier days in the Summer season.

Enjoy your weekend!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Leuke schaalverhouding tussen de ticket boxen en het schip op de achtergrond. Allemaal mensenwerk.

  2. Big ship for only four travelers. ;-)

  3. Het ziet er raar uit eigenlijk zo'n groot schip in zo'n haventje.

  4. This one doesn't have the over the top nature you see in so many cruise ships, but a day tripper wouldn't be.


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