14 mei 2015


These somewhat angry looking cows..

..and this one fiercely shaking its head (NO NO I don't want to be photographed!!) were at the Balloohoeve in the small village of Balloo today, near Rolde. The Balloohoeve is a so-called 'care farm'. The purpose of care farming is to promote mental and physical health by giving vulnerable people the opportunity to spend time working on the land. Care farms can provide supervised and structured programs of farming-related activities, including animal husbandry, crop and vegetable production and woodland management. We see these farms a lot here in the Netherlands.

The Balloohoeve also sells locally produced products (including meat from its own livestock), serves coffee, tea and ice-cream, and even has a small campsite.

9 opmerkingen:

  1. You would probably be angry, too, if your head was stuck in a vise. :-)

  2. Oh, lovely picturese of cows =). When I was a child I had in my grandmother a own cow. When my grandmother get older and cows go away, I bought a flute for thes "my cow money" =D.

  3. That cow is definitely giving you the eye! Nice shots.

  4. Nice white cows.
    How a cow has received his head between the bars .. Looks cramped. :)

  5. Hoe krijgen ze hun kop door die spijlen en weer terug, arme dieren....

  6. I thought the same as biebkriebels...
    Our cows say "Muh!" :)


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