30 mei 2015

From the archives #63

Finland (2006)
In my memory there were as many car-ferries as there were bridges on the route that we followed through the Finnish Lake District. It's a beautiful region which covers most of central and East Finland.

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  1. Oh, picture from Finland, nice =). We have few car ferries in archipelago really =). Have a nice weekend and greetings here from Finland =D.

  2. Ja, in het noorden heb je heel veel water wat overgestoken moet worden.

  3. Vind vooral de gele afwerking van de pont heel mooi.

  4. Sounds like it would make for a great road trip.

  5. We have a number of them on stretches of the Ottawa River valley where it doesn't make a lot of sense to build a bridge.

  6. Nice to look a image from Finland, my home.
    Where I live there is no ferries. It's been a while since the last time I was by ferry.


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