4 mei 2015

Looking up..

..at the tower of the "Der Aa-Church" in Groningen, which dates from the Middle Ages.
Originally there was a chapel situated on the site of the current church. In 1247, the chapel became the parish church and was named Onze Lieve Vrouwe ter Aa  ("Our Lady at the Aa") - the Aa being the nearby river. Groningen had 2 centers at the time, one of them was around the chapel. Here lived the fishermen and the traders.
In the 15th century the chapel was changed into a brick church.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Don't you find it amazing to refer so casually to a medieval structure in your midst? That's awesome! :-)

  2. Quite an impressive tower. I'm sure my father would know this place.

  3. Very pretty. I like the way you photographed it even though it does make me a little dizzy!

  4. Nu weet ik eindelijk wat de Aa betekent. Mooie kijk zo van onderen.

  5. An excellent image and an interesting story. A river called 'Aa' sounds quite strange to us...

  6. I love you history, you have a lot of old.
    This tower looks great, and your photo is taken in a interesting perspectiv.


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