10 mei 2015

Stinsen path

This narrow path known as the Stinsenpad or 'Stinsen path' belongs to the garden of De Buitenplaats Museum in Eelde. Here grow Stinsen plants, which is the Dutch and German name of a group of plants that were introduced a long time ago to grow and run wild on certain places like old country estates, farmsteads, and former city walls. Stinsen plants usually bloom in Spring. I don't know the name of the pretty white flowers on the photo, but their fragrance was gorgeous!

The word stins originally comes from West Frisian stienhus (Dutch steenhuis) 'stone house', shortened to stins. A stins is a former stronghold or villa in the province of Friesland. Many stinsen carry the name 'state' (related to English 'estate').

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