13 april 2015

At the exhibition

I'm still not very comfortable doing it, however I am going to try to photograph people more often as I admire my fellow photo-bloggers who do, and do it easily..
This is from a while ago, at the Groninger Museum.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. I think she spotted you taking her pic. :-)

  2. Ik herken het gevoel, ben altijd blij dat er een zoom op mijn camera zit....

  3. Mooie foto. Musea zien er zowiezo als decor al mooi uit en de menselijke maat maakt het helemaal af. Goed gedaan

  4. I don't like taking pictures of people either (unless it's from behind and you can't see their faces). I think it's an invasion of privacy if you know you will post the picture online. That lady doesn't look too happy about being photographed. :(

  5. maar het maakt het wel helemaal compleet,


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