14 april 2015

Wemeltje Kruit

This statue honours Wemeltje Kruit (1887-1963), a lady who was widely known because she spent her life going door-to-door selling goods that she carried on her bicycle. Whenever she travelled to another village she appeared in the local church on Sunday morning, so people knew she would be coming that following week.
Wemeltje Kruit lived in Gasselte; first in a caravan and later in a small house near a campsite. After her death the house became a holiday-home. The statue at the Kerkstraat was created by Bert Kiewiet, and pictures her alongside her bicycle as many people knew here.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. dat is wel verdienden heel mooi om deze vrouw met een gewoon beroep eens in het zonnetje te zetten

  2. One usually doesn't see monuments to peddlers!

  3. She must have had an interesting life!


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